Only half of all startups survive and very few belong in the high growth category. thinkubator is here to change that.

thinkubator’s 10 week accelerator program program is designed for early stage startups that want to create scalable positive impact and shoot their company into the stratosphere. As part of thinkubator, you get a startup grant of €2,000 to cover your basic costs, free office space and lunch in the co-working space DARE2mansion in Copenhagen, as well as exclusive access to world class speakers, trainers and mentors from the likes of Singularity University, DTU Compute & Space, Upwork and many more. You will also gain access to the top management of thinkubator’s corporate partners. Past partners have included Denmark’s largest e-commerce book store Saxo publishing, the logistics and communications provider Postnord, the innovation consultancy DARE2, and the telecom company Call me.

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Benefits of being a thinkubator startup

10 Week Acceleration Program

Over 10 weeks, you will shoot your company into the stratosphere. thinkubator startups go through 8 modules tailored for early stage startups and receive coaching, mentoring, and teaching from a world class group of international partners.

Free Copenhagen Office Space

thinkubator startups move into the awesome and exclusive co-working space DARE2mansion during the program! Located in Copenhagen’s Science City park, DARE2mansion is an old auto-body repair shop turned home for scalable positive impact startups!

Startup Grant

Selected startups receive a grant of €2000 to cover basic expenses during the program’s duration. We call this Startup SU and it’s meant to cover your team’s basic expenses so that you can primarily focus on your startup and the thinkubator program.

No Equity Demand

thinkubator takes no equity. We prefer startups to share their brainpower 2 days a month on innovation case competitions. You’ll work on teams with our word class experts, elite student network, and corporate partners giving you a chance to expand your network and hone your skills.

Exclusive Networking Events

Startups gain access to potential customers, partners, and investors through exclusive networking events as well as the chance to work side-by-side our corporate partners during thinkubator case competitions. Past partners include SAXOPostnord, and Call me.

Acceptance to Dansk Ideer

Startups in thinkubator’s program are automatically accepted to attend Dansk Ideer’s five day interdisciplinary innovation training in cutting-edge technologies. Attendance is optional, but highly recommended.

Here's what thinkubator alumni have to say:

“thinkubator was the perfect combo of a reaching hand, a shoulder when needed, and a motivating whip, which all in all made us reach our moonshot. It’s been a game changer for me as CEO and for Be My Eyes as a company.”


“thinkubator provided us with an environment where we could be pushed and challenged. This ultimately lead to Athgene growing better and faster that it otherwise would have. Great teams, incredible people, and an all around awesome experience!”


“Being a part of thinkubator was an amazing journey for Tiimo. We started with an idea and by the end, had grown that idea into a business and were testing our first prototype. thinkubator really inspired us to keep pursuing our goal and gave us a lot of the necessary tools and sparring to actually make stuff happen,”

Helene Tiimo (1)

“thinkubator provided priceless insights into the theories of disruption and an understanding of the rapidly advancing, exponential technologies that are about to reshape our world – and, more importantly, the fact that we are responsible to make use of these technologies for the greater good.”

Denis Rivin ImaRead

“thinkubator took my personal skills and moved them into the stratosphere. I developed myself and refined my skills as an entrepreneur on so many levels. The only thing I can say is: YOU NEED IT! thinkubator is perfect for entrepreneurs who want to move fast and make a difference.”

Roy Clumeo

“During thinkubator, we saw Artboost return to the core of our business. We found ourselves again. Now we know why we do what we do and we have a plan for how we’re going to change the art market forever.”

Anders Artboost

How the application process works

Written Application

With the application, we really try to get a picture of who you are, what kind of team you have, what idea you are working with, and how you believe thinkubator will help you!

Audition Day

We then select a group of start ups to come to the second round of the application process: the auditions! Its a fast-paced, fun day including a variety of exercises that will help us to get to know you as well as interviews with the program managers, corporate partners, and other friends of thinkubator.


Half of the selected startups for thinkubator will be announced on Audition Day. The rest will be announced in the days that follow. Then it’s not long before the program begins! The thinkubator program kicks off with a getaway with all the teams founders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I apply?

We will review applications and then email you if you are invited to an audition at DARE2mansion. If you really can’t join, then we will set up a Skype meeting and take it from there.

Do I need proof of business to apply?

No, you don’t need proof of business, concept, paying customers or anything else along those lines. The only requirement for applying is that you have a great idea!

Do you provide a place to work?

Yes we do! Accepted startups will sit at the awesome co-working space DARE2mansion in Copenhagen Science City. The offices are open for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your own desk, a brain food lunch, and all the coffee you can drink are included.

Do you take equity?

Nope! We don’t take equity, but we have right of first refusal. This means that if you get an offer for investment, we have the right to match that offer and make that investment first.

Do I have to live in Copenhagen during thinkubator?

No, but we strongly recommend that you don’t stay further than one hour away so that you can participate fully and easily in the program. Long commutes can be very taxing so we don’t recommend it.

What is the address of thinkubator?

You can find us at the offices of DARE2mansion. The address is Vermundsgade 13-15, 2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark

Is there an age requirement?

Yes there is. You need to be at least 18 years old to participate in thinkubator.

Can I study while being part of thinkubator?

You can spend your time as you wish, but you have to be able to participate in all thinkubator activities (on average twice a week) and you have to be able to dedicate yourself to your startup – that’s the whole point – by being and working at thinkubator!

Do I have to be a Danish citizen?

No, we welcome all nationalities. If you are coming from abroad, we can also help you with getting a visa, finding housing, etc.

Since it's in Copenhagen, do I have to speak Danish?

Nope! Being able to speak Danish is a good thing, but not at all mandatory. We’re an international bunch and for that reason we require that all participants speak English.

thinkubator sounds too good to be true! What do I have to give in return?

Three things!

  • You must attend all scheduled days of the thinkubator program. You will get a schedule with all of these dates in advance.
  • You must attend the 4 corporate case competitions where we give back to our awesome corporate partners.
  • We expect you to bring a can-do attitude and dedicate yourself to leveraging this unique opportunity to shoot your company into the stratosphere!