40% of today’s Fortune 500 companies are expected to die within the next 10 years.

thinkubator knowledge partners are at the forefront of their field and are keen on sharing their research with high potential entrepreneurs, students, and corporate partners. Focusing largely on disruptive future technologies, products, and research, the thinkubator provides a stage for knowledge partners to share their findings while gaining access to the businesses of tomorrow in a world-class innovation environment.

Benefits for thinkubator knowledge partners

Elite Communication Platform

thinkubator offers a unique stage to communicate key insights, research and products through thinkubator events, advertisements, publications, and an exclusive network of international partners.

Corporate Relations

Knowledge partners can join forces and resources with thinkubator corporate partners. There are many opportunities and events to work together, share research, test ideas, and experiment!

Startup Promoters

Early stage startups will be available to test your research and/or products from the get-go as they build and shape their business in our 10 week accelerator program.

Recruitment Opportunities

Partners have access to a selected group of high potential students interested in research, internship, PhD and learning opportunities.

Our knowledge and resource partners include:

thinkubator pushed me to think bigger than I had ever done before. We had to develop moonshot ideas that really disrupted what some of the companies were doing. I was shocked by what we were able to dream up, design, and present to the top mangement in just eight hours. It was very high impact.


thinkubator’s student network was an amazing opportunity to apply what I had learned academically in real life. I saw first-hand how entrepreneurship and intrapreneruship works and met so many cool like-minded people from totally different backgrounds. It was very exciting and really challenged me to think differently.


Doing the case competitions was exciting, like playing a competitive sport with really good, ambitious players. The sportsmanship was some of the best I’ve ever seen in any competition. Everyone was really welcoming and cool. I loved sparring on a high level, thinking of innovative ideas, and pitching them to top management.

Frederic Pedersen

“thinkubator was the perfect combo of a reaching hand, a shoulder when needed, and a motivating whip, which all in all made us reach our moonshot. It’s been a game changer for me as CEO and for Be My Eyes as a company.”


“thinkubator provided us with an environment where we could be pushed and challenged. This ultimately lead to Athgene growing better and faster that it otherwise would have. Great teams, incredible people, and an all around awesome experience!”


“Being a part of thinkubator was an amazing journey for Tiimo. We started with an idea and by the end, had grown that idea into a business and were testing our first prototype. thinkubator really inspired us to keep pursuing our goal and gave us a lot of the necessary tools and sparring to actually make stuff happen,”

Helene Tiimo (1)

“thinkubator taught me that you can always learn more about yourself if you just challenge yourself. And thinkubator is all about challenging us to do better and create better businesses, not only for us, but for the next generation.”

Precila Appi Dabbi

“thinkubator provided priceless insights into the theories of disruption and an understanding of the rapidly advancing, exponential technologies that are about to reshape our world – and, more importantly, the fact that we are responsible to make use of these technologies for the greater good.”

Denis Rivin ImaRead

“thinkubator took my personal skills and moved them into the stratosphere. I developed myself and refined my skills as an entrepreneur on so many levels. The only thing I can say is: YOU NEED IT! thinkubator is perfect for entrepreneurs who want to move fast and make a difference.”

Roy Clumeo

“During thinkubator, we saw Artboost return to the core of our business. We found ourselves again. Now we know why we do what we do and we have a plan for how we’re going to change the art market forever.”

Anders Artboost

“thinkubator is exciting because we get the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting young people and entrepreneurs, which we can spot and maybe attract as important future resources, be it within Saxo’s own walls internally or externally. We can offer the startups access to a very strong platform with app. 1 million customers and many partners. New startups can – if it makes sense to our customers and business models – test their new ideas without having to establish a market first.”


“thinkubator is an innovation because it feeds incubator knowledge into more traditional thinktank activities. I expect the thinkubator to create more viable startups by establishing an ecosystem where large companies, the research world and entrepreneurs cooperate on creating successes.”


“thinkubator is designed in such a way that it is a win-win. We believe that we in Call me – with our valuebased, open and innovative business model can be an exciting partner to work with for young startup companies and we’re really looking forward to it.”