40% of today’s Fortune 500 companies are expected to die within the next 10 years.

This is not an American phenomenon. Europe is looking at a long future of very low growth if the current climate continues. Technology is developing exponentially. This means that disruptive products and business models pop up at an increasingly rapid speed, seemingly out of nowhere. Our companies must adapt. thinkubator helps established companies innovate and strengthen their innovation culture to fight the disruption monster by creating a tailor made innovation program for its corporate partners.

Benefits for thinkubator corporate partners

Innovation Program

A year long innovation program with workshops and case competitions designed to meet your needs, challenge your company’s status quo, and develop new business models, concepts, and products.

Innovation Culture

We provide education in line with Singularity University as well as workshops designed to develop your employees’ entrepreneurial and exponential mindsets to make sure that new ideas are continuously executed upon

Co-creation & Recruitment Opportunities

thinkubator opens the door to a wide array of co-creation and recruitment opportunities. We will introduce and connect you to startups, students, knowledge partners, and other international organizations that can lead to new development opportunities.

International Innovation Field Trip

Innovation comes from putting yourself in new positions and applying best principles. To challenge you and your teams norms, we facilitate an international innovation field trip aimed to help you think differently.

Cutting Edge Research

thinkubator partners gain access to a cutting-edge large scale joint research study that uses qualitative and neuroscientific methodologies to provide you with deep insights regarding your organizations innovation capabilities.

Branding and Facility Access

thinkubator partners are advertised on our multi-media communication platform and gain access to desk and meeting spaces in the Professional Playground DARE2mansion.

What our partners are saying about thinkubator

“thinkubator is exciting because we get the opportunity to meet a lot of interesting young people and entrepreneurs, which we can spot and maybe attract as important future resources, be it within Saxo’s own walls internally or externally. We can offer the startups access to a very strong platform with app. 1 million customers and many partners. New startups can – if it makes sense to our customers and business models – test their new ideas without having to establish a market first.”


“thinkubator is designed in such a way that it is a win-win. We believe that we in Call me – with our valuebased, open and innovative business model can be an exciting partner to work with for young startup companies and we’re really looking forward to it.”


Innovation Case Competitions

Thinkubator gives corporate partners access to the brainpower of the thinkubator startups and an incredible group of students. As part of the program, we work together with you to design two innovation case competitions that challenge your organization’s status quo, provide you with new business ideas, and tap into new potential business segments. It all depends on what challenges your organization is currently facing!

We will help you design the case and ask the right questions, which will create the most positive impact for your organization. Then we bring together our startups and top students from Copenhagen Business School, the Danish Technical University, CPHbusiness, and RUC on a bachelor’s and master’s level and across all degrees. This diverse group of students is tailored picked to attend your case competitions to ensure the most creative results.

Interested in becoming a corporate partner for the thinkubator program?
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