Meet the thinkubator startups!

Absolute Zero – Virtual Reality Cameras

Absolute Zero – virtual reality cameras

Absolute Zero was awarded a Seal of Excellence by the by European Commission as the first company of their kind to build smart virtual reality camera. They are democratizing VR by making highly-qualitative 360° videos at an affordable price.

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Bloodlink – Resolving Blood Shortages

Bloodlink – resolving blood shortages

BloodLink is a social enterprise, which endeavors to solve many blood donation issues in developing countries, striving to create a visible social impact by eliminating blood shortage and blood wastage in blood banks.

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CanopyLAB – Conversation Based ELearning

CanopyLAB – conversation based eLearning

CanopyLAB is a platform that NGOs can use to engage with youth through live learning, online group exercises, and activism. They host revolutionary interactive online courses, which are free of charge and open to youth around the globe.

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Deemly – Increasing Trust Online

deemly – increasing trust online

deemly increases personal trustworthiness online. It enables users to gather their ratings from across digital platforms and utilise their entire online reputation when they share, swap and rent online. Platforms can integrate the deemly score via an API and increase their turnover by up to 30%.

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YoooWe – A Sharing Economy For Sportsgear

YoooWe – a sharing economy for sportsgear

YoooWe is a global online platform that connects individuals looking for surf, ski and boarding gear, lessons, events and experiences with anyone who can provide it – whether that be private individuals or businesses. They won Venture Cup in 2015 and have consistently been growing fast.

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Peergrade – Machine Learning Student Feedback

Peergrade – machine learning student feedback

Peergrade uses machine learning to provide a solution for peer-evaluations as a SaaS solution for universities and high schools. Peergrade gives students a better learning experience by letting teachers give their students faster and more thorough feedback while saving time and money.

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Krizo – Streamlining Communication During Crisis

Krizo – streamlining communication during crisis

Krizo streamlines internal communication when an organization faces a crisis or emergency situation to dramatically reduces the chance of miscommunication and empower personnel. They’ve already landed LEGO as a customer.

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Joli – Renting The Jewelry Runway

Joli – renting the jewelry runway

Joli is an online jewelry box where customers can rent and buy jewelry from established and upcoming brands. Joli is helping upcoming designers make a name and platform for themselves while supporting the sharing economy.

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Habitlab – Making Good Habits Stick

Habitlab – making good habits stick

Habitlab helps users build good habits and make them stick! Based on advanced data analytics of habit-formation and gamification principles, Habitlab utilizes smart technologies and the users closest friends to guide, motivate, and push users exactly when they need it.

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Be My Eyes – Lending Eyes To The Blind

Be My Eyes – lending eyes to the blind

Be My Eyes a mobile app that connects the blind with sighted helpers so they can be assisted with small and large tasks. They are the world’s largest community for the blind, went through Singularity University’s accelerator, and are now located in Silicon Valley.

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Artboost – Democratizing Art

Artboost – democratizing art

Artboost’s online marketplace democratizes art and brings independent artists out to the mainstream market. They are in 140+ countries and have expanded their ecosystem to include Artstarter and Artboost News.

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Athgene – DNA Insights For Athletes

Athgene – DNA insights for athletes

AthGene studies and interprets your individual genetic data to design the optimal diet, exercise, and lifestyle for you. They’ve raised money, gone international, and are working with many high profile athletes to up their game.

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Ideanote – Innovation Suggestion Box

Ideanote – innovation suggestion box

Ideanote facilitates your company’s generation, selection and execution of business ideas by making it a fun, creative and rewarding process for employees. They won Best Newcomer and People’s Choice at the 2016 Nordic Startup Awards!

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Low-Fi – Living Rooms Concerts

Low-Fi – living rooms concerts

Airbnb for upcoming artists, Low-Fi is a peer-to-peer platform that brings people together through living room concerts. They’re now on 5 different continents helping to make music matter again.

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Tiimo – Digital Assistant For Kids With ADHD

Tiimo – digital assistant for kids with ADHD

Tiimo helps children with ADHD to structure their day through an assistive technology application on their smart watch. They’ve now launched in several different schools across Denmark.

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Clumeo – Digitizing The Clubhouse

Clumeo – digitizing the clubhouse

Clumeo is a social platform that helps sports clubs, associations and users with booking, training, communications and statistics.

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Huntoa – Find Your Next Hunt

Huntoa – find your next hunt

Huntoa is the GoMore for hunting and outdoor experiences. Its online platform connects hunters and outdoor enthusiasts with relevant locations and event.

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ImaRead – Artificial Intelligence Study Space

ImaRead – artificial intelligence study space

Ima Read is creating an interesting, intelligent and interactive study space that will make you a better student. Ima Read helps your optimize your reading, interact with other students, and bring your online materials all in one place.

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